Jane Frederick, FAIA

Established in 1993, the Medal of Distinction is the highest honor that the American Institute of Architects South Carolina (AIASC) can bestow upon its members. The AIASC Board of Directors awards it in recognition of a significant body of work and/or service that has made a lasting influence on the practice of architecture in the state.

An exemplary advocate-architect and architect-advocate, Jane Frederick, FAIA, has demonstrated to the public and to the broader architecture community that “architects matter” through her professional leadership, engagement in the political process, and involvement in community education.

She was elected to represent the South Atlantic Region on the AIA National Board in 201. Jane continued her service as a member-at-large and served as national board president in 2020. She currently serves the AIA as vice-chair of ArchiPac, raising money to promote sustainable, resilient communities.

Jane and her husband, Michael, started Frederick + Frederick Architects, in 1989. The firm specializes in designing high performance, sustainable, resilient houses for hot, humid climates. They are participants in the AIA 2030 Commitment and are consistently close to or meeting the energy reduction goal.

About Jane Frederick, FAIA
Jane received her fellowship in service to the profession, in 2012. Upon elevation the chancellor commented, “Jane has demonstrated to the public that architects matter through professional leadership engagement in the political process and community education, inspiring a national discussion about the architect’s role as public leaders.” Her writing has been published in local and national publications and has presented at innumerable conferences and events.

About Frederick + Frederick Architects
Frederick + Frederick specializes in custom homes designed for high performance in hot, humid climates. By leveraging proven technologies and innovative techniques—they deliver sustainable, resilient, custom solutions for new construction, additions, and renovations.


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